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We still need the old sometimes!
Published 05-03-2017

Hello.  Well, today I want to write about an experience I had the other day while driving to an appointment.  It's amazing how far technology has advanced and how much it has become so common place in our everyday life.

I always carry my cell phone and most days it is totally charged, so it will make it through most of the day.  As a backup, I also carry a fully charged remote charging apparatus in the car.  This particular day my cell phone was working overtime and was nearing single digits.  No problem--I thought--I'll just plug it into the remote charging apparatus!  Guess what?  Today, it was nearly dead, just like my cell phone!

No problem, I thought.  I can charge my phone using an adapter and the cigarette lighter in my car.  One small problem.....I have recently switched cars and the adapter did not come along for the ride.  So, I can either buy a new adapter and/or car charger now, or try to find a pay phone (good luck finding one that works anyplace other than in a museum).

I eventually found a good samaritan who let me use her cell phone to call my client and give me the last few directions to make it to the appointment.  

I guess the moral of the story is, no matter how much technology becomes a normal part of our lives it is always good to remember how we did things in the simpler age!  

And moral #2 is that everyone is carrying a cell phone! That bodes well for anyone starting an online business (hint, hint) or marketing to a population that now does over 90% of it's internet searches on a mobile device.

As Paul Harvey used to say in conclusion....Good Day!

Hello. I have learned much in my nearly 10 years online. I have built websites, done affiliate and email marketing, published online articles, joined safelists, bought and sold traffic and one thing I know for sure is that you never stop learning! So, welcome to my blog. I encourage you to respond to my post's and give me whatever constructive criticism you feel I am due. I not only look forward to learning some new way to market my business but how to connect and help you with your business.
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