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Submit Your Classified Ad To 1000's Advertising Sites Now! - Classified Submission
Published 02-04-2022

This review reveals everything you need to know about one of the best and biggest classified ad submission services available today.

If you are looking for highly targeted traffic to your website, affiliate offer or YouTube account that is affordable, and also builds valuable permanent links back to your website automatically (which helps with the search engine ranking! ), then you should definitely consider using a classified ad submission service in your online marketing.

What is is a service that submits your classified ad manually to over 2,000+ different high traffic classified ad pages (in The United States and Canada), over 500+ blogs and currently over 100+ permanent links to social sites.

How Does Work?

After signing up for your account, you can setup your ad following the simple step-by-step instructions. The company will then start the submission process. There is nothing else you need to do besides checking your stats.

More About Your Ad

Your classified ad is upgraded, highlighted in bold and stuck to the top of your chosen category on all sites for maximum exposure.

In addition, your clickable classified ad text will also be displayed (in rotation) on 25 high traffic sites which gives your ad even more exposure. You can also include up to 3 photos (300 x 300 px) with your ad. I highly recommend you include 3 photos, this will get you a lot more exposure. You can create your own pictures on a site called if you don´t have any good photos to use with your ad. allows you also to embed your YouTube videos in your ad. This helps you get more targeted traffic and links to your YouTube channel too.

Normally, classified ads rotate off in 30 days and the traffic stops. will resubmit your ad all month long so it always stays at the top of the category.

The Cost

There are currently 3 different options to choose from:

Monthly subscription ($39.95 USD per month)
Quarterly subscription ($77 USD per month)
Yearly ($197 USD, a one time payment)

There are different bonuses attached to these subscriptions. Personally, I have purchased the yearly subscription because it will take a long time and lots of ad submissions in order to get results. A month or 3 months is simply not enough in my opinion. It is also a lot cheaper to go for the yearly subscription.

Important To Know!

Marketing using classified ads is really fast. Your ad will be up and running within hours instead of days. You really need to use a submission service to get real results. (Submitting ads manually is an extremely time consuming and tedious process. It would also become a full-time job which you really are not looking for. )

It is a known fact that people actually visit classified sites to buy something, not just to look for information. It is a very targeted audience.

You will get more exposure from classified ads than for instance paid search engine ads. You could spend $3 per click for search engine ads. By using classified ads you will get the clicks, search engine exposure and valuable links back to your site for a fraction of the price. It is great value for your money.

My Experience With The Program So Far

I promote a "make money" Clickbank offer using only I signed up for the yearly subscription to maximize the traffic and exposure. It took about 30 days before I got my first sale and according to the tracking, the sale came from a classified site. So, clearly this is a long-term strategy that works for me, and can work for you as well. In my opinion, is a really affordable way to get highly targeted traffic and make sales over time.

What I Like

I especially like the fact that is very affordable. They will submit your ad to thousands of active classified sites on complete autopilot. You will also get valuable links to your site and YouTube channel that helps with the search engine ranking over time.

I save a lot of time by not having to submit my classified ad manually. (Doing this manually is very time consuming and you would still not get enough exposure for your offer. )

The support team is really helpful. If you want to change your ad or URL, you just send them an email. They normally reply within a few hours.

When your campaign is setup, there is nothing more you need to do. You will get a custom tracking link that gives you deep stats on your ad campaign. also has an affiliate program where you earn a 50% recurring commission. Your affiliate link is promoted automatically together with your classified ad.

What I Dislike

The cost of $39.95 USD per month can be too much if you are just starting with your online business. You could submit your classified ads yourself too if you have a lot of time.

Final Verdict

Many people believe that classifieds do not work anymore. In my honest opinion, classified ads are one of the most effective and affordable ways I know of to get highly targeted traffic and valuable links from established websites.

However, the key is to automate the entire process so that you can get maximum exposure. Submitting ads manually is just too time consuming. This is why I chose the yearly option with and can highly recommend it to you as well if you are looking for an affordable and "auto-pilot" way to promote your website.

I hope this review gave you some insight in how this submission service works and how it can help you get massive exposure and links to your website and YouTube account.


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