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Can I tell you a Story?
Published 03-08-2022

Can I tell you a Story?


We launched a new site live on webinar yesterday
It is a page turner


You can watch the replay here...


Yesterday my partner, Phil Basten and I gave a talk about a new
way of thinking about the ads that you sent out to sell your products.


It's a story you will not want to miss.


I think you will find it interesting and informative.


Go to webinar lost some of our screen sites but no worries...

We were way ahead of them and we have a follow along link
that tracks the whole webinar so just click on the link
below scoll down a little to the audio and you are good to go.


We launched a new site right there on the webinar and...
and at the end there are some very special offer.


I promise you this webinar is well worth listening to
It always love doing webinars but I have to say
this one is my favorite.


This is a page turner....


go get um


Jane Mark
Phil Basten
Changing the way your story ends.

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