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A Second Chance!
Published 05-28-2023

I have not posted any thing on this blog since 2020.
I was out of commission, I guest you could say.

In 2020 a mass was found in my colon and I had
surgery. I thank God every day that I am blessed
to be here today.

Now I am better and can do some of the things I
love to do. One is work on the computer.

Yes I was given a Second Chance.

Like most of you that is here online you
must feel you also have been given a second

I have second chances given to me all the time now.

Or is it that I am just appreciating them now.
When I was out healing, my computer crashed and I
lost everything I had on it.

Boy was I upset. But what could I have done.
Nothing. Lost everything I had on my hard drive.

Well I picked ourselfs up and start over.(a Second Chance)

That is why Now I use GotBackup, to store all my info,
pictures and all my work in the clouds, and they say.

You to can do the same. Don't be like me and lose all
your special memories.

Try GotBackup  see what it can do for you.

Talk Later

Liz J.

If you want to talk

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