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Why are more than 1.4 billion people already using AI?
Published 08-09-2023

Below is an interesting article from one of my long standing mentors, Mr Peter Carruthers - 


I first wrote about AI (Artificial Intelligence) just six months ago.

A person I have been following in this arena is Jason West. I bought a few of his excellent courses and tools this past year.

He has released a fresh course that covers everything AI-related. What got me excited was how fast AI has come so far. (It's only been around for 6 months.) 

This 10 minute video at ChatGPTSkool shows you the current state of the game. More to the point, I have seen how fast his pace of production has improved.

Do yourself a favour. Look at the video. You may not want the course, but the video alone will show you how your competitors (and mine) are already using AI.

I have been meeting with a Professor at the local university, exploring how our children can use this technology to leap ahead. Teachers are worried about plagiarism, but ignooring the incredible value AI adds to learning. We're talking about how this can expand their horizons. Teaching them how to look for "why" things happened instead of only teaching them to remember what happened, and when.

These graduates will be our competitors soon.

I was the first person in Fish Hoek High School who used a calculator. (1973) The teachers banned me from taking it to school. They were scared it would give me too much edge over the other kids. We're not in school any more. 

A lot of us feel the same about AI. But, we're being left behind.

This technology is real. It is cheap.  And it is very easy to use.

Over 1.4 BILLION people are exploring and using AI right now. We don't have to buy into it, but we sure need to know enough about it to make some decisions. 

To encapsulate Using AI delivers much better work, much more easily and much faster.

Here is an incomplete list of where AI shines:

  • Writing (produce faster emails and responses which are grammatically perfect)
  • Blogging (produce faster articles which beat most normal standards)
  • Copywriting (for faster adverts and brochures)
  • Website Content (fast content and structure)
  • Lead Magnets to grow your prospect lists
  • Emails and letters - like this one, written by hand over two hours, which you could write in 10 minutes.
  • Social Media Content 
  • Building Presentations and Slide Shows
  • Improving search rankings with better structured articles
  • Creating Videos with impact
  • Producing Quizzes and Surveys
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Coding and Programming
  • Spreadsheet Mastery with instant access to every Excel or Google Sheet formula
  • Covering letters and interview guidance for job seekers
  • AI Plugins covering dozens of genres

Jason's course front page has a video which highlights where AI slots into each of our lives. That's crucial information. And worth watching for 10 minutes.




Peter Carruthers

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I hope you found the article valuble and that you can make use of the information provided

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