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Christmas, is not just a date. It is a state of mind, that we can carry with us all year!
Published 12-25-2023

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and remember ...

Christmas, is not just a date. It is a state of mind, that we can carry with us all year!
Mary Ellen Chase

People around the world eagerly wait for Christmas to come because they know that Christmas symbolizes happiness. Everyone gives and receives gifts during Christmas. Families unite and celebrate together.

However, we can all have happiness even if it is not Christmas. Christmas is not just a date that we celebrate on December 25th of every year. The happiness and joy that we all feel during Christmas can be felt every single day of our lives.

Christmas represents the joy that we feel as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thinking of all the blessings we received during the past year, makes us want to celebrate.

Being in good health, having a steady income, working on achieving our dream lifestyle, and being surrounded by a happy and loving family, are just some of the things we can be thankful for while enjoying the Christmas holidays.

Celebrating Christmas wouldn't be complete if we did not show our love, not just to our family, but also to our friends, and associates. It is also a perfect time to include the people in our community who are less fortunate and help them have a joyous Christmas by sharing our good.

This feeling of Christmas is a state of mind that we can carry with us throughout the year. Thus experiencing everlasting joy and happiness every day of our lives. Imagine waking up every morning with joy in your heart, and deciding that this will be the happiest day of your life.

Sharing the "Christmas" feeling with everyone we come in contact with, transforming not only our own outlook in life but "infecting" everybody around us. This transformation will have a positive impact on our attitude, which will help us achieve our dreams in life.

As we celebrate this holiday season with joy and happiness, remember to carry this spirit with you into the new year. When your first New Year's resolutions go sour on you, shrug it off, reset your vision, and march toward the life of your dreams, keeping the joy and happiness within you all the way!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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