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Get Paid $8.37 Per Lead! (Reserve Your Spot Now)
Published 08-09-2023

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the head line!!!!!

So I was compelled to watch the video 


For more info on this CLICK Here 

I am aware that many people prefer the written word over the visual so please read below - 


Yes, you really can get paid $8.37 per lead!

Reserve your spot here now:

How, because this opportunity converts at a whopping 42%! And Pays 200% upfront commissions plus massive residuals..

So if you get 100 leads as an example, and 42% of them convert into a sale, that would be 42 sales for YOU! It's a $9.97 upfront offer x 200% upfront commissions. 9.97 x 200% = $19.94 for each sale.

Take that times 42 sales, and that equals $837.48 in your pocket Divide that by 100 leads which makes every lead that you get worth a WHOPPING $8.37 A PIECE!

Once you join, all you need to do is share your lead generating page like this one.

(There's nothing to set up) And the company does all of the rest, how sweet is that!

Just get leads and get paid..

And if you keep doing that, you will make a boatload of money! Can you imagine if you get a thousand leads?

And that's not all...

You also will earn a 25% matching check on every earner in your downline you personally sponsor. And with this opportunity converting at 42%, that will add up to a lot of benjamins my friend!

It does not get any easier than this for you..

Get started now and get your share of the pie fast!



My name is Joseph Strydom and I live in Cape Town in South Africa. I have been online for 15 years and I provide my fellow business owners online with Advertising Services, Leads and Traffic Resources and Tools. This is the kind of services I provide -
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