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The Story Of GotBackUp About Smart Phone and PC Secure Cloud Storage
Published 09-18-2023

TheStoryOfGotBackUp Pt 2

As at September 16, 2023.

Many say "I'll Die" if I lose my Smart Phone photos and precious Files!

A quick word about the software product that is available for anyone who wishes to securely store their Smart Phone, PC photos and precious memory files permanently and never worry about losing those photos or precious memory files ever again.


How to Save All Photos and Precious Memory Files

Not only are you saving all of your old photos and files the "Secure Cloud Storage" software also works to continuously upload all new photos and any work you may do on your PC right up to the last second before you shut it down or it crashes.


Please watch the Webinar Video below with Marc Shamus 

People make money online at GotBackUp - Watch the video for proof


Encrypted Military Grade Storage Software - Same as Google and Amazon

You never have to worry about Backing Up anything ever again as it is securely stored and backed up to the last second that you were on your PC or Smart Phone.

You save your login somewhere in your office, in your bedside table drawer, keep it in your wallet or handbag, or leave it with your family or if you can, "in your head".

But please do not worry if you cannot find it or remember it, you just go to login and when you get to the password field, then you can ask for a new password from the system. Nobody else knows what your password is, not even the CEO. Once you have to ask for a new password, you receive it, login with it, and then store it somewhere.


Your Data is Absolutely 100% Private

Absolutely nobody can get access to it, only you know what it is, and you control it.

Not like some or all larger companies who snoop through your data and even share some of your likes with other companies so that they can bombard you with offers. Read the fineprint, as it may say "before you receive this product" you agree that we may share some of your data with other parties or something like that.

Generally I see these notices when I need to get some new software updates, and they basically have you over a barrel as you are wanting to complete something that you have worked on for an hour or so and do not want to lose it.


Your data is Encrypted on the Upload, the Download and while in the Cloud

The data is safe and in the same Field as Google or Amazon who are Trusted Companies.

See the Webinar video with Marc Shamus a 7 figure Earner in multiple companies, who came out of retirement to be involved with GotBackUp.. He speaks very well and talks a lot about the GotBackUp product, and the business model.

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