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Is this THE Autoresponder that millions of marketers have been waiting for?
Published 03-07-2018


  The launch of send  will begin on March 7th 2018 .  This is going to be massive because has anyone in the Internet marketing community will tell you “everything starts to change when you build and market to your list”.

SendShark - “The money is in the list”.

Every single sale starts with a Lead. This is just true today as it was 30-40 years ago when people used a Rolodex or spreadsheet to keep track of customers and again when the internet began -20 years ago when email lists were born. The basic process sometimes referred to as ‘opting in’ or ‘permission marketing’  has not changed. It simply requires someone to exchange their contact details in return for information which could be important to them.

Gaining permission is just the first step of a simple process which allows you to follow up with that person, provide information, then engage with them to the point where they become a ‘Lead’.

Today, the industry has become so well automated it's absolutely essential to have a first-class Automation of this process in the form of an autoresponder and a superb lead capture system.

It doesn't matter what business you are in; whether you are a doctor, internet marketer, retail store, home-based business hairdresser, professional coach, service provider, dentist or mechanic every single sales process starts with getting a lead. It’s often regarded as the lifeblood of a business and given rise to a wide range of lead generation techniques designed to attract, measure and extract the very best results possible from the process.

So why is it important to have qualified leads?  It’s because this process has received so much attention of professional marketers over the years that we now know that a qualified lead is worth approximately $1 per month. Or, to put it another way, a list of say 100 qualified leads has a potential income of $100 per month, and a list of 1000 qualified leads has a potential of $1,000 a month. This very fact has led to coining of the popular phrase “The money is in the list” so, regardless of what business you are in, this is something worth remembering.

As someone who has worked as a local business mentor plus several years as an internet and network marketer on and offline, I've been astonished at the number of people business owners who do not actively grow, manage or market to a list of qualified customers.

When you have a list - even if they’re existing customers and you follow up with them using one technique or another, you begin nurturing your relationship with those customers - getting them to know, like, and trust you. This is essential because, as we all learn in life, people do business or hang out and seek the opinion of people they know like and trust when making decisions that affect them.

In business, applying this process effectively will ultimately provide a reliable list of people who can be regarded as qualified prospects, followers or downline members (in a network business) who could possibly convert and become a paid customer. Then, having established that have their trust and thus strengthened your relationship with them, in some cases you may even go on to make repeat purchases or become regular customers.But do you ‘own’ them? Will they always purchase from you in future?

How long will your relationship last? That dear friend calls for ’relationship management’ and ‘customer retention ‘ techniques.

People are creatures of habit and once they discover a ‘new’ service or product they like they will, for the most part, stick with it. Until they have a very huge, significant reason to change their buying patterns. (Sometimes this is referred to as ‘a disruptor’ so called because  it disturbs their status quo and raises sudden awareness of something less expensive or offers better advantages ).

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