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What does fossiking for gold and turning a few river rocks over have in common ?
Published 03-06-2019

Quick answer :   Both activities can provide invaluable information and lead to large rewards.


 Let me explain..


Knowing where to look for gold can be the difference to either "striking some pay-dirt" or enduring hours to find nothing save a few rocks for their time and effort.


Searching for gold - especially in rivers or old river-beds is both an art and a science.


Gold is heavy and sinks fast in water. It is frequently found in strong flowing rivers and dried-up river beds.
So, to understand where to look for gold, one needs to understand rivers.


The flow and behavior of water during various seasons of the year.
There’s fast water and slow water; shallow and deep.


There’s a broad range of rocks, stones, and sandy river beds. All of them affect the way the water flows and how currents move and therefore Influence the way in which gold traverses the river-bed.

Not surprising then that savvy gold seekers not only pay attention to these things,
Whilst simultaneously honing a few fossicking techniques.

Over time it can make a big difference.

It’s like 'money in the bank'.


Likewise, any trout or Fly-fisherman worth his salt will tell you that whilst much of the art or trout fishing lies in the skill of casting a line in a precise and delicate fashion.


The choice of fly is also a critical factor.


If the trout is ever to be enticed the artificial fly needs to be a close match to “the flavor of the day”!
What’s feeding, moving or hatching? Turning over rocks on the river bed can help.


A few minutes studying the nymphs and larvae living under a few rocks then matching them to a ‘likely-looking’ artificial fly can be the difference between a nice dinner or can of beans!


It’s all about understanding “who your customer is” and “Knowing where to fish”


Put simply, If you want to catch a trout fish go fish a well-known river where the trout are and offer them something they like!


If you want to catch a shark you’ll need different bait, access to the sea and much heavier gear!   



So what has this all to do with online marketing?


Follow the strategy outlined above. 

  • Know who you’re seeking
  • what their interests are
  • where to find them and
  • what’s likely to interest them.


If all this sounds “too hard”  DON"T  WORRY - the  SOLUTION  IS  HERE!


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Tight lines!!

Frank Heath


P.S.   I call it my “Cunning Plan” - and you can get your there Right now!

Frank Heath

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