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Why might one rent or purchase a Text ad Exchange?
Published 11-18-2018

There are many reasons for either renting or purchasing a text ad exchange, but first, let us delve into what a text ad exchange is for those that do not know. There are many of these ad sites online perhaps thousands. The concept of an ad exchange is as stated. You view ads in exchange for others to then see your ads. You collect credits by viewing other ads then use the credits to show your own ads. In most cases, credits may also be purchased. Ad packages may also be purchased. Most of these sites have several to many different types of ads. By purchasing an ad package you get an assortment of ads. The larger the ad pack the more ads you can post. 

Why would you want one of these? You can make money by selling the ads or ad packs. Also, most of these have what is called OTO or One Time Offers when somebody first joins the site. The site owner or admin gets paid when somebody makes a purchase including the OTO. This is only one reason to have one of these sites. In my own case, I purchased one site for $29. Each month I get 3 network ads that go to a very large network of sites. Since I purchased the site I get these ads free each month. This alone was worth the price of the website. You can also have your own LIST by owning a site like this. As the owner or admin you can email your members any time you want to.  There is no need for an autoresponder or seperate program. If you have an offer to promote, just send an email to your members telling them of the new program you found. Once you are inside one of these member areas you will also discover other secrets that admins use to gan more free advertising but I will leave that for you to find out. 

Is it a lot of work to run a text ad exchange? There is some work involved. The main part is approving the ads that members place. Most site owners do this at least once a day, sometimes more on heavy activity sites. You also need to answer support tickets. For the most part, it is pretty simple work and the ad benefits that you get are very goood. 

I am here to help you. As part of a strong team "Team Echo" we are able to help you find your success. Some of my interests are: PC Tech, Internet Marketer, Experimental Musician, Digital Artist. I enjoy Traffic Exchanges, Text Ad Exchanges, and like to make my own sites, videos, and banners! If you need a real simple program to begin with look for my Cash Juice Banner on this page. Very simple 3 step program.
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