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Email Overload
Published 01-07-2020

Wow can this email really get away from me! You have to be very careful when using mailers, safelists, and text ad exchanges. The amount of mails coming in to your inbox can be overwhelming. 

One thing you can do is set filters up and labels in gmail. This works to a point, but you can still have too many. I also setup some scripts to auto delete certain mails after a set time. 

I ended up with multiple email boxes and too many emails. Even with the scripts it is not a system that can be managed even with a team. 

The only answer is to scale it down now. Yes, it is time to go through all these mailers and safelists and re-organize and only keep the best ones. I even found a new email program that helps me to organize so I am moving the good ones into this. 

If you have a similar problem with too many mails, maybe it is time to downsize the mail. 

I am here to help you. As part of a strong team "Team Echo" we are able to help you find your success. Some of my interests are: PC Tech, Internet Marketer, Experimental Musician, Digital Artist. I enjoy Traffic Exchanges, Text Ad Exchanges, and like to make my own sites, videos, and banners! If you need a real simple program to begin with look for my Cash Juice Banner on this page. Very simple 3 step program.
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