Ad Pack 2 for $37.00
Published 01-20-2020

Ad pack 2 is a Mentor pack


In this pack you get


2 text ads with 30,000  text ad views

Plus you get 20,000 ad views from ad

Pack 1 because you have that one also


2 banner ads with 30,000 banner ad views

Plus 20,000 banner ad views from ad

Pack 1


1 Solo ad to email all members every

25 days


Bonus mailer to your down line every 25 days.


Commission, you earn 25%  on ad pack 1 and 2


Giveaway 20,000 ad and banner views

(That a value of 100.00)


Here you can see just how great this system Works.


The 37.00 payment is a onetime payment



Happy Promoting


Liz J.

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