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Ad Pack 3 for $77.00
Published 01-20-2020

Ad pack 3 is a Supervisor pack


In this pack you get


3 text ad with 40,000 ad views

Plus you get 50,000 ad views

From ad pack 1 and 2


3 banner ads with 40,000 ad views

Plus you get 50,000 banner ad views

From ad pack 1 and 2


1 Solo ad to email all members every

20 days


Bonus mailer, to your downline every

20 days


Commission you earn 30% on ad pack

1, 2, and ad pack 3


Giveaway 30,000 banner and text ad

Credits views


That is a 150.00 value.


The 77.00 payment is a onetime payment


This is where I knew I had to do something

To move up in this system.

I was able to send out my first email of my

Business opportunity  to the entire member

list, and I was blown away.

By the amount of clicks I received for that


It was sent to 8384 members

With 38216 clicks

My click through rate was 456%

I signed up 2 members that day.


(Definition of Click through rate--

 in online advertising, the CTR is the

Percentage of Individuals, viewing a web

Page who CLICK on a specific advertisement

That appears on the page.)


It took me about 2 weeks to get my funds

In order to upgrade in the system.


Thanks to the offer that's in the back area

Allowed me to do this on a 3 month payment

Plan, and I am in as a Tycoon,


My journey has begun to let other know

Just what they could do with this system.


It's awesome, it's affordable, it a place where

You can start your own advertising business.


Happy Promoting

Liz J.

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