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Published 01-20-2020

People always want to know why the heck did I get involved with network marketing.

This is going to be the shortened version. If you want the dramatic version, just click here:)

It really wasn't a hard decision after both my wife and I were each killing ourselves working over sixty hours of work each and every week. My wife was in the restaurant business and I was a teacher, football coach and athletic director.

Reality set in for both of us when my wife had to have foot surgery and I got cancer........Lymphoma to be exact.

During treatment we decided that my wife would stop working and I would find a new business that wouldn't take a ton of time to make money and the money would continue into our retirement years. During my investigations, I came across this video:

I looked for something in the health and fitness area. I enjoy working out and lifting weights so Now Lifstyle was right up my alley. Now lifestyle has helped me improve my workouts and keep my weight down. I've been cancer free for over ten years now. Also, I've met many great people and have been able to build a very nice team.

One of my beliefs in this business is that we don't run around trying to sell everyone in joining Now Lifestyle. In fact we only sell online. We believe the average person doesn't want to sell and the average person doesn't want to be bothered by someone who is trying to sell them something. YUCK!!!

We have added businesses that help add traffic to our business. This allows us to talk with people who are like minded. I say talk but really they look at the information and make decisions for themselves without us trying to "sell" them anything:)

I no longer work in education and my wife hasn't worked for a few years now. I do plan on going back to coaching football, because it's fun working with kids. I just spend time working with my team a few hours a week on these businesses.

The biggest thing I think people don't understand is that you won't get rich over night. You must be patient. No one builds a business overnight. It took me five years of college to become a teacher. Think how long it takes to become a doctor, lawyer, electrician, etc, etc.

You also need traffic. Like minded people need to see your business without pressure being placed on them by the salesperson!!

I've placed two You Tube videos on this page. If you're interested watch the two videos. They talk about why network marketing could be a good thing. There is no "join this because we're the best" sales pitch on these videos. Just thoughts on marketing.

Below, I've listed our portfolio of businesses. If you're interested take a look.

Always remember: Life is a GIFT. Appreciate each and every day!

Tom Wallace


Here is part of our business portfolio:

 We do pretty well with these. We have other great ones. This is good for now:)

Now Lifestyle: 

 Awesome Email System:  

You can advertise like this with Oodles of traffic:

Oodles of Traffic: 

3 Step Online Marketing System For Big Profits:

Turn One Lead Into Thousands:     

Commission Machine

Daily Traffic for 27 cents a day:


Teacher, football coach, online marketer and cancer survivor. "You can have everything in life, if you help enough people get what they want." -Zig Zigler
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