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how to improve our services and value to our fellow man
Published 04-07-2017

first let us define service and value. service-means-work that we do. value-means price for something of worth,so if service and value is

about work and price, how can we improve our services and value to obtain price. let us ask ourselves this question? how can i be of service

to my customers. what is holding me back from achieve my goals,where do you see your business in the next three years, is your business

part time or full time, is it money that is holding you back from success, with that question most people will say yes, ah, ah i will show you

that money is not the problem that is holding us back from success. what we must do is to establish reliable honest friendship, do not

always try to sell, sell,it will make us look bad. attitude-a way of thinking or behaving, let it be our keyword the watch word, it is the road

that we walk on to success,let us humble ourselves and get to know the market place and the customers. let us always remember this

keyword and watch word [attitude] it is what fertilize the mind just as water add substance to the soil to make the plant more fertile, so it is

with our attitude it feeds the mind with what we think, weather good or bad, i guest we all vision good things for ourselves, money yes we all

want more of it yes lots of it but ask ourselves this question am i producing enough services and value to my clients? if answer is yes ,then

you are in the money because making money is the direct results of success and success is a progressive realistic worthy ideal, if your

answer is no then we must step up our services to our fellow man in a creative way, let attitude be our light, act and think about what we

want to become [successful] and set goals to what ever time we want to accomplish the task, engage in constant action, act and be like it is impossible to fail. all the best to your success.  to get more traffic to your web site   go here

hi my name is collin henry i am a internet marketer and freelance writer, living in trinidad&tobago.
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