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Do you remember the Moment?
Published 06-26-2020

Our world and our economy have changed.

In the 1960s, the average length of a job was 40 years. It is now 4.5 years.

There once were guaranteed pensions for the future.

Today there are no guarantees a job will last even 5 years which shatters any hope of future financial security.

In addition, we have learned the hard lesson that through circumstances beyond our control, global economies, businesses and jobs can be shut down literally overnight.

However, there is good news!

We now live in a connected world with a SHARING Economy which opens the door to current and future financial security for each and every one of us.

What is this all about?

In our Global Funding Cooperative in the SHARING Economy, our members collaborate across the Globe in a shared effort to expand the membership which, in turn, can help each of our members with their funding needs.

For example:

❖ If you have any projects needing extra money around the house such as remodeling a room or putting a new roof on your home, your membership can help you.

❖ If there is anything you are saving money for such as a vacation, retirement or your children’s college, your membership can help you.

❖ If you have financial obligations you want to pay off such as student loans, a mortgage, medical expenses, and credit card debt, your membership can help you.

❖ If there are organizations you want to support financially such as charities, churches, and missions, your membership can help you.

The following will share the details of a potentially new beginning opening up for you, which will fill your heart with HOPE.

And then, if you choose to continue your journey with us, a whole new world will emerge for you with the ability to be more financially rewarding than you could have ever dreamed or imagined.

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Talk soon!

David Calderon

Hello I am A Married Man of 44 Plus Years I am also A Father of Four and A Grandfather of Six. I have Been A Chauffeur for Over 38 Plus Years and Have had My Own Limousine Business for 20 Years Now. I have also been in the Online Business for about 20 Years I have had some winning programs that I am still involve with and many that have come and gone. I am promoting A few Programs that I believe will change Everything for Me and You so take A look and see for Yourself!
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