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Did You Know: Classified Submission Is Affordable!
Published 07-12-2020

Classified Submission Monthly Service


Submission of your Ad 1 Month Service

Your ads will be submitted To 1000's of classified Ad Pages for 39.95,

Without you spending time doing it yourself. At a very low cost.

We do it for you. We will post your Ads for as long as you want

Stop it any time.


Look at our other offers


Classified Submission Quarterly Service


Submission of your Ads every 3 months for 77 dollars (a saving of 42 dollars)

Here is what we propose to do for you each month. Your ads will be submitted

To the following .

1000's of classified Ad Pages

Your Ad Upgraded, Highlighted, in Bold and Stuck to the Top of Your Category

500 + High Quality Optimized Permanent Blog Posts on Our Exclusive Network

100+ Web 2.0 Properties Like Tumblr and Wordpress dot com, THESE ARE PERMANENT LINKS!


Look at our Yearly offer

Classified Submission  1 Year Service, One Time Payment!


Your ads submitted All Year long to our network. One year

Of high quality advertising for 197 dollars, onetime payment

Change Ads Every Month if you want. Promote different programs.

Bonus: 1.Get a Free High Quality Professional Clickable Custom Image

Ad to use with your Promotions.

Bonus:2.Save 282 dollars Over the Monthly Price.

Bonus:3.Your ad Upgrade, Highlighted and in Bold, and stuck to the top

Of your category.

Join Our Affiliate Program for Free Refer 2 people and you advertising

Is Free for the year. (1 Year Plan)

Just pay once for an Entire Year of Service. Not a Recurring Fee or Subscription

You get 10,000 keyword targeted visitor from our Traffic Network.

Here you will save 282 dollars on advertisement!


Check it Our Here


Liz J

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