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News About Covid-19 2021 Austin Texas Mental and Personal Panic Attacks
Published 06-30-2021

Covid-19 news 2021

Hi and Welcome,

The News About Covid-19 2021 Austin Texas Pandemic continues to affect Texas and its population and this State is currently using the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine which has limited supplies and a gradual rollout.

They advise precautions including wearing of a mask, social distancing and regular washing of hands. Covid-19 Marketing and Psychological Strategies in Austin has created a How to Help site at GivePulse which is an Austin Based Technology Platform. This platform is used to find, list, and organize the measure of impact of service to the community.

The Hidden Impact of Coronavirus 2021

One of the defining features of The Hidden Impact of Coronavirus 2021 is the “loss of family members” and “Isolation” through lockdowns, the loss of jobs and Psychological and Mental Stress. These defining features are a major contributing cause of Mental and Personal Panic Attacks which many people experience.

Where the Covid-19 Virus may strike next and who will be involved frightens people.

Wearing of Masks in Public Places

Covid-19 Mask Laws

The following information is sourced by the Google Search Term “Mask Laws -Covid-19 Texas” And is copied for public reference only. “Texas Law had introduced a State mask requirement for individuals to wear masks or face coverings in most public places.

This State order was superseded on March 10, 2021.” See the Mask Laws Requirements here. “COVID-19 & Texas Law – Mask Laws - Statewide Mask Requirement for Individuals” “The State order that individual people must wear masks or face coverings in most public places is no longer in effect.

It was superseded on March 10, 2021. The Governor's State order does not require Texans to wear a face covering at polling places. However, “there is an ongoing lawsuit that aims to change that.”

Apparently whether you are required to wear a mask in Texas or not has been moving from yes to no and then yes but only in some situations. It is difficult to follow exactly so obviously citizens would have to obey directions from their local Health Authorities.

How Covid-19 Spreads

It seems that we are beginning to understand that the covid-19 spread is dangerous when people do not practice social distancing and they are not wearing masks. The masks stop the spread of the droplets when someone sneezes, coughs or exhales. Once the droplets settle onto desktops or counters the virus can be picked up on the hands, and then by touching of the mouth, eyes or face. As the global coronavirus pandemic enters the second year Governments are racing to vaccinate populations as novel variants emerge and people relax their vigilance around physical distancing, mask wearing, and other public health interventions. Prospects for school re-openings, renewed travel, and herd immunity remain uncertain for the Fall and beyond.

It has also been seen that even though some people have been vaccinated they are still able to contract the disease for a second time.

News About Covid-19 Statistics 2021

The Number of Covid-19 Infections in Texas

The information provided indicates that over the last 14 days the number of infections has moved from 2.7K to 4.8 and then to a low of 1.5 and then back to 5.2, down to 1.4 and back up to 2.7K. Now from a start of 2.7K there are lows and highs in the middle and then return to 2.7K at the end of 14 days.

It appears to be under control and hopefully when the next low comes along it will not go back up to the high of 2.7K. That will be a great result.

COVID-19 Testing & Vaccination Registration

To start off Texans are required to Login and create an account.

They are only required to do this once.

Then they pre-register for a vaccine and schedule an appointment.

The vaccines and tests are free.

News indicates that the Texas Vaccine rollout is not moving as fast as the Government would like and the State is rated as third worst in the USA. Scientists are worried that Covid-19 will return in waves. We hope they are wrong.

Predictions that opening too early in the USA will increase the projected death rate from 57 thousand to 74 thousand.

News indicates that the Governors are moving forward with re-openings despite the predictions. Are the Governors doing the right thing, only time will tell, and is anyone challenging their processes. Absolutely nobody wants to have the same problem that India has at present.

Covid-19 News

Covid-19 News 2021 Austin Texas describes how many people in survival mode are turning to the internet to find a

 home-based business home-based business so that they can work online from home when in extended periods of lockdown. These people have either lost their small business or have been laid off from their place of work.

Please do not despair, as there are people available to help. There is an E-Book called Panic Attacks authored by both Phil Basten and Jane Mark. This unique product was created by Phil Basten and his partner Jane Mark whom many of you may know as entrepreneurs and developers of top advertising sites.

You may not know that they are both trained in Psychology and consequently decided to pool their talents in Marketing and Psychology and created a unique product that will help you live a stress-free life and make some money for yourself as you help others.

Hence, an E-Book was born and titled  "Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them".


Kind Regards Bob Welcome

Concerned Covid-19 Citizen


Online Internet business professional, Internet marketer, JAM Marketing Inc. CEO/Founder Member, Website builder, Classic car interior restoration specialist.

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Online Internet business professional, Internet marketer, JAM Marketing Inc. CEO/Founder Member, Website builder, Classic car interior restoration specialist.
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