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Emotional Baggage Dragging You Down?
Published 05-03-2017

You do know that we all have negative "stuff" that can weigh us down?

Some more than others, but we all have baggage.

It takes effort to either let it go or work with it.

No matter what method you choose you must deal with your "stuff" in
a way that is ultimately empowering or else you will remain an
unfulfilled victim all your life.

It is not the bad stuff in our life that makes us fail and not achieve or
dreams. It is how we handle it!

That is proven by the hundreds of stories and youtube videos
demonstrating how people who were badly damaged have
managed to rise above the pain and rejection of others to be
wildly successful.

One of the things they do is find out "why" they want to make
their life a success.

Very often it is because they want to inspire others into overcoming
whatever their painful experience was.

However, whatever the reason, the outcome is the same.

All of us must decide on a bigger purpose for our life, then focus our
efforts to achieve it.

So , have you found your "why"yet?

Watch this story! I guarantee it will inspire you to do so...

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