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How To Avoid "Fat Finger Syndrome"
Published 10-28-2017

What is fat finger syndrome?

Almost everyone has and uses a hand held device and those smaller screens
present a challenge when typing in your business or contact details.

This is called fat finger syndrome and it is easy to avoid with a QR code.

QR Codes also known as Quick Response Codes make it impossible to
make typing mistakes because they have accurately captured your desired
details in that black and white square.

You and your business need them and you can get them at no cost.

The world is going mobile. Already almost half of all internet traffic
comes from a mobile device!

Free QR Codes for any web site

    Smartphone goes right to your web page instantly!
And, Free QR codes for your Virtual Business Card also free.
  This will allow mobile users to instantly access or load your contact
data on their phone!

And, Free QR Codes for your phone number!

    Loads your phone number directly into a smartphones dialer... Think of it as a
    "speed dial" for a smartphone!

All FREE... these work! 

Details on why you need these now, how to use QR Codes, and the
iPad drawing info all at the site - no charge.

Don't have a QR code reader on YOUR smartphone yet? No worries... the best
QR code reader apps are also available free at this site!

Be certain to see the link at the top of this site on how you can have a VIRAL site
like this one set up for you, where your sales message or video show on the thank
you page AND Where you get all leads.

Just go and experience this and get entered into the free iPad drawing now, ok?

To your success,

Yvonne Finn

Passionate Internet marketer who loves learning and sharing the latest effective strategies for getting traffic...
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