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What Makes You Open An Email In Your Inbox?
Published 05-09-2018

What makes you open an email when it arrives in your email box?
The number one reason for most of us is ... that it is from someone
that we know.

Family, friend, banks we do business with or some other person
or company with which we have a prior connection.

Isn't that true?

That is why ALL successful Internet Marketers build an email list.

Whether they are an affiliate marketer or product owner, they know
that sending an email to someone who know, like and trust you will
get a much better response and open rate that mailing to people who
have never heard of you. 

So, you might be asking what is the next step.

How do I build an email marketing list?

  • You find or create an offer that will be of value to your intended market.
  • You ask for their name and email address to send them more information
  • You provide a way for them to leave your list if they want to

Building your email marketing list will not be accomplished overnight.

So, don't be tempted to take short cuts!

Keep your offer(s) on target to what you promised.
If your niche is lawn care DO NOT send fishing information to your list. 

It is more effective to have targeted smaller lists than to annoy your
entire email  marketing list with unrelated information that could
result in unsubscribe requests.

Ensure that you have a good mix of sales mailing and free helpful

When your subscribers have questions about your product or
service be quick and honest in how you respond.

If they request a refund, do not make it make them jump through
You can ask why, but that is for your information, so you can make
corrections or changes to the program, service or product.

Build Your Email Marketing List.

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