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This hidden secret made Instagram worth a billion bucks
Published 08-31-2017

This hidden secret made Instagram worth a billion bucks

So...there’s this site called Instagram.

You’ve probably heard about them. A site with
social capabilities and a ton of pictures?

You have? Ok, good.

Why is that important and what does that have to
do with list building?

Well see, some time ago (not too long ago) Facebook
bought Instagram for a billion smackeroos.

Yep. Billion with a CAPITAL B.

Why the heck would they do that? Simple.

For the same reason Microsoft bought Skype for
hundreds of millions of dollars even though Skype
was 19 million in debt.

And it’s this hidden ‘item’ that can make what you
do worth a ton of money as well.

It begins with a D. (no, it’s not a curse word!)

Go here to check it out:

See, Facebook and Microsoft (as well as a ton of
other companies) recognize the value of the list.
So much so, that they’re willing to pay through
the nose to acquire one even if it isn’t profitable
upfront to do so.

Now what if you could take that same ‘thought
process’, but start from break even and build
your own list?

Well you can with this here:

See, to get started building a list online that you
can profit from over and over, you need a good
lead magnet to entice people to get on your list
in the first place.

And my good friends Simon and Jeremy are not
only going to give you a lead magnet to help you
do that, but they’re going to up the ante and give
you six.

And for pennies I might add.

But enough talking, you need to see the incredible
offer they have setup for you and all for the price
of a medium pizza.

Go here to check it out:

Go Get em
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