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Life Goes Around Once Janes Sunday Sermon
Published 10-01-2017

Life Goes Around Once Janes Sunday Sermon

No matter whether I am happy or anxious or sad or scared or joyful, I have one thing I do no matter what feelings are swirling around me.

When I am upbeat, I listen to this.

When I wish that I was back in Australia at the petting soon surrounded by gum trees, this song plays loudly over the microphones throughout my office

When I think of lasting love and commitment, this one plays softly in the background over and over again.

But When I want inspiration, I turn here to Take A Chance

Taking a chance. This is so important no matter what you do in life. If you want to start a new business, buy a home, get married, pick a  college....each of your choices take you on path and that can make all the difference.

Always take the chance. "Believe that you deserve for the Sun to Shine." "I love you and I want the Sun to Shine"

Have a wonderful Sunday and...

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Jane Mark
Sokule Inc


Jane Mark is a lover of music and has written many of her own songs which she sings with guitar and piano. To her life is a song to be played at constantly and continually. No matter what it is you love to do, you can present it here at Onyalist.  ->

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