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Published 11-01-2017



My friend Vincent just sent me some news that Amazon has now become the number one online retailer in the entire world and that online shopping has now been used by over 90% of the people in the USA.  Stats show that within just a few more years, that pretty much everyone in the world will be using online shopping every single day.

The news was saying it’s cheaper and easier to shop online because you don’t have to drive to the store anymore and that businesses don’t have to hire employees anymore, because robots, internet, and computers are taking over the world.  It all makes so much sense from a purchaser's perspective but, simultaneously it also freaked me out a bit, because I know so many people who can’t find jobs anymore due to their companies shutting down and going all online.

So after seeing all of this on the news and thinking about the people I know who can’t find jobs anymore because of the internet taking over, I started thinking to myself (just as I did a couple of years ago), “I wonder if I should re-visit selling products online - just like Amazon has been doing the past 20+ years and make money like them?”

To be honest, my first thought was to dismiss the idea because it brought up bad memories from three years ago when I  took the Amazon bait - hook, line, and sinker! The least said about that the better but since I've mentioned it, (and I know some of you will be curious) I'll explain further.

On Jan 1 st 2015, at 4 am  -the first day of spending  New Year  holidays with all my family- I awoke to find I couldn't move out of bed. my left leg was cold and I knew I was in trouble and what followed was to be the most traumatic experience in my life. I suffered a double cardiac arrest and thankfully, was resuscitated twice over a 24 hour period. The result of improperly prescribed medicines which, under certain circumstances proved to be incompatible, resulting in acidosis of the blood which poisoned my kidneys and eventually caused my healthy heart to shut down.

During the following months, I had to contemplate what lasting effects of my 'experience' would be. More to the point, at age 72, what work could I take on that would enable me to support my wife and family.

I considered myself to be somewhat Internet savvy and when I learned about a high-ticketed Internet Marketing course that would teach everything I needed to know about selling on Amazon,  after some deliberation I decided to opt in. It was the worst mistake in my whole life and, despite all evidence to the contrary, proved to be a complete and utter disaster for me and for my self-belief.

Put it this way, I have never quit at anything and throughout my life, I have always been referred to as someone who could get the job done when others had not. I am well versed in' finding ways to achieve the impossible'  - but in this instance, I felt useless - like a deflated football. The learning process was phronetic, incessant, and the stress was enormous as I tried keeping pace with everything. I began to realize just how much my health incident had affected me.

Nothing could have prepared me for the disappointment that was to come. The “Trust me I know what I’m doing “ attitude that prevailed on the Amazon selling course did nothing to foster my hope. Choosing a product, liaising with Chinese suppliers, packaging, branding, printing, logos, shipping, inspections, customs, marketing and pricing tricks and practices on Amazon etc  on top of which, having to learn the restrictions and complexities of the Amazon system.

And that wasn’t the end of it.

Despite several occasions when I elected to simply ‘get out of it all’ I picked up the cudgel again in the hope and anticipation that, if only I could complete the process this once and get my trial product onto my  Amazon website, their amazing sales process would all but guarantee some success and at least help me recover a large part of my $10,000 investment.  It didn’t happen! It took three years for the last item in stock to be sold ( I mean virtually given away)  three years later.

But time moves fast on the Internet and newer ways have been developed for selling online -Shopify, for instance, has I believe, introduced a new way for people to achieve a similar result to selling on Amazon and many are, apparently ‘doing OK’. Not for me - Amazon ended all interest for me in that respect.

But when I was introduced NLS in January this year (2017) a light-bulb went on!

As a result of that, I realize afterwards that NLS  is a business that is similar to  Amazon in that they sell products online, The difference being that NLS  actually offers the chance for you to sell their products, which means its very easy for a newbie to do!

Let me repeat that - It’s THEIR  range of products which we can sell from THEIR storefront and make money online, enjoy higher than usual commissions and get to participate in the company’s Binary compensation plan as well!


But wait, that’s not all, you see, in addition to their Digital products, business automation products,  hosting  and software solutions,  which every modern day business needs, they’re building a foothold in a Trillion dollar market niche in the Health and Wellness  Industry and you can learn more about it here:

Now, so you can more fully appreciate my perspective on this matter,  I want first to share with you how I found out that you can sell products on Amazon and make money.

You can see that here:

After researching a little bit more, you will notice  how difficult it can  be to truly set up  and make money through Amazon with the millions of products and competition. My own devastating experience was proof of this, but because of all the trickle-down effect mentioned in the the news report, I knew that I had to do more due diligence and research to  figure out this new internet world we live in now.

To me it’s very  clear that getting involved with a company that uses a selling style similar to  Amazon without all the hassle of set-up and procurement etc makes good sense .


Changing lives, Live Your Dreams, Healthy Mind - Healthy Body - Healthy Wallet Right?

That’s a familiar mantra in this company too - You might just want to take a deeper look into what they do and what they have to offer and the point of difference that makes them unique!

Learn more:

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