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Published 12-06-2017

Sixty years ago, our family and friends still shopped at local stores and occasionally visited Department Stores. As a child, in England, I well remember being given a piece of paper by my mum  (the shopping list)  plus a 10 shillings note and instructions to 'hurry back home"! The local butcher and green grocer were just 1 5 minute walk away. 

Fifty years ago, we began to see the emergence of larger, specialist 'Bargain stores' which offered better pricing by buying at bulk prices and passing on savings to us- the shopper. They also paved the way for ordinary housewives to buy in bulk and therefore save money and shop less often.

When I first arrived in New Zealand Forty years ago, we began to see the introduction of Shopping Malls, where people could drive to a single location and wander through a collection of large specialist stores to complete their ‘big shopping’ in a single occasion. It was a ‘Day out ‘ for most families and regarded as a special occasion.

In the last twenty to thirty years, we’ve seen the arrival of the MEGA stores which further specialize in whiteware, electronics, Clothes and Manchester,boutique fashion shops and so on,  home-handyman stores for Building, landscaping products, and massive supermarket chain stores which have all but steam-rollered the local dairy, butcher and greengrocer. 

But soon after, we saw the arrival of Online Shopping - where people can buy virtually anything they want on the Internet. Since the arrival of much has changed about the way people shop and how they prefer to buy products.

Recent statistics show us that 90% of USA citizens have purchased something online from! Let’s face it, who do you know who HAS NOT purchased something from Amazon?

And THAT is where we are at today!  But, as they say in the TV commercials, “Wait, there’s more….”

In the past three years, we’ve seen a copying of and further breaking down of the Amazon model with systems like Shopify, E-bay, Teespring and other online systems which enable entrepreneurial individuals (like you and me) to have our own marketing presence - our own ‘shop’ online!

All this, of course, has been made possible with the continuing development and refinement of online marketing, and shopping techniques. and, the change continues because it is very evident that ALL methods of shopping and distribution are continually being subjected to refinement and change.

Along with all this development, we’ve also seen the arrival Affiliate Marketing and the continued trend of ordinary people becoming:”Affiliates” to either earn some additional income or build a business of their own - within the structure of a parent company.

We have seen the rise and arrival of Network Marketing where companies like Avon, Herbalife have used Affiliate Marketing to grow their businesses worldwide.

But, nothing stands still - change is upon us once again!

Amazon.Com thankfully taught us how to earn thousands of dollars per week online with ease and speed and even that is about to change -yet again - with the arrival of companies like Now Lifestyle.

So, you might ask.,“What’s going on here? How does that affect you and why should you be interested?” Well, I think Joel therein can explain that much better than I which uis why I invite you to take a few minutes to watch this short video before continuing further:


 What important to note here is, the realization that shopping on-line has truly come of age, which is great for those who enjoy spending their money that way and even better for on-line marketers who want to grab a share of the business. But how can anyone compete with the Amazon  model?

Well here's a few observations that  encapsulates  the difference between what Amazon does, how that is very different to what Now Lifestyle does and how Now Lifestyle Affiliates and potential customers can all benefit from doing this business.

>>  Amazon Markets Other People’s Products - Now lifestyle Markets Its Own Digital and Tangible Products

>> Whilst Amazon : does operate an Affiliate system, the commissions are very small in comparison with those of Now Lifestyle.

>> Because Amazon’s business Model, they are severely restricted in the percentage of sales they can allocate to referrals from Affiliates.       Whereas, Now Lifestyle OWNS its own products and can therefore, pay commissions ranging from 25% to 100%.


That my friend is what all the Fizz is about!

You see, The People You See On This Video   Are Earning Thousands Of Dollars Per Week Online By Simply Offering  Products And Services Online Just Like have Been Doing For 20+ Years!

NOTE: In the last paragraph I have purposely substituted the word “Offering” for “Selling” for the following reason….

It’s my firm belief that one of the biggest secrets inherent in the Amazon “Shopping Online” technology lies in the fact that it makes BUYING EASY!

How does this happen?

Because it takes SELLING out of the equation!

Think about it.generally speaking, shoppers like to discover things they need for themselves - without being ‘Sold’.

As many married men will testify, “shopping “ with the wife is an exercise in walking around the shops several times. The first ‘ tour’ is to see what’s on offer ( get a picture in their mind) then, to check the prices, note the apparent ‘bargain buys then finally, one more visit to confirm availability, choose then purchase what they want at the best price they can find.

They have a picture in their mind when they go to the shops. They know what they want and when they ‘see it’ in most circumstances, they will Buy!

Selling, as such doesn’t enter into the experience - at least the way I see it!

The Japanese restaurant owners have known this for many, many years as anyone who has visited Japan and seen the beautiful, mouth-watering plastic models of their meals displayed in their shop window will attest. The ‘picture’ does all the ‘selling. In other words, “Presentation is everything!”

Sound Familiar?

This then is WHY online shopping is quite different.  It is also THE key reason WHY you should Get started in  Now Lifestyle Now - Today, because, to my knowledge, this is a unique company (selling Digital and Tangible products online ) with a unique compensation plan that ensures that.. 

When people BUY from your online site, you get paid!

 To Learn more; take the $1 dollar trial or go ‘All-in’ and get serious immediately go here

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