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Mine Is Called Are We Rich Yet? What is Yours Called
Published 03-11-2017

Mine Is Called Are We Rich Yet?  What is Yours Called?


Bla Bla Blogging. We Talking Blogs Today.

Use a Blog in Your Online promotions and you have added  one powerful tool
to marketing arsenal.
You do not have to be a celebrity or some  fancy pantsy commentator to run a blog.

If I can do it. Anyone can do it.




Let me tell you a bit about the blog that you can get at a new site called
Profit From Free Ads

It is unique.

It is your own blog that gives you urls that you can promote that are unique to you.


Mine Looks like this:

My Partner, Phil Basten's looks like this:



To get Your Blog Started first go to My Details in the members area  of
Profit From Free Ads and click on Edit Profile


There you can add your picture
You can choose the top background for your blog (new Today)
You can name your blog
You can add 2 of your own programs
You can add videos
You can add your own banners

You can promote the main blog Url like the ones above that show your whole blog  or...
 You can promote an individual post that you make on your blog.

That looks like this and give you a completely unique link to promote




There are huge benefits to using a blog in conjunction with your other promotions.

1) You can get people to your website without using a direct ad
2) You can use it as a way to get your audience to know you
and begin to see you as an expert in your field.
3) You get a unique link to promote which can increase your
search engine traffic

Note: Search Engines Love unique links and if you watch
what Phil did with his post. He put some good search
engine terms in his post ie. Increase Your Free Traffic




Take another look again at my link

Look at the upper right corner and the lower right corner.

You will see a button that says:

" Click Here To Get your own Money Making Blog like This one."

Those buttons contain your PFFA affiliate link in them.
They appear on your main blog page and on every unique posting page

And there's more...

When  someone comes to your blog and is not particularly interested
in what you are saying that day, You have a shot at getting them to
click on that shiny money button and get them signed up under you at PFFA

Don't worry if all of this sounds like Greek To you.

My Partner,  Phil Basten,  will be doing a webinar on blogs in a few weeks and it will all become crystal clear.

Don't let that stop you from getting set up and using the blog.

If you are not yet a member of Profit From Free Ads Get your own blog here:

Prices start at 17.00 bucks.
One time payment.

My Blog is Called-Are We Rich Yet?

What is Yours Called?


Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc


PS: All You Need to Succeed

Profit From Free Ads is a Gold Mine For you

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Solo ad Mailers for life
Traffic for life
Commissions across 7 levels
Earn up to 584.50 per sale.
Get Paid Every Friday.

And Now You Can Get Your own unique blog Here


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