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Guaranteed Signups - So Simple You Can't Help But Get Results!
Published 02-07-2018
In a recent discussion with another online marketer, he made the comment," Let's face it when a simple way to make or build an online business stares You in the face, you embrace it!   When you are handed an 'easy way to make sales', Grab it and Run.   

He was, in fact, alluding to a  'pretty new' concept which has brought some amazing results for members of Now Lifestyle, by helping leaders explode their downlines.
Its' called "Guaranteed Signups"  let me explain...
If a friend of yours refers someone to your business, they welcomed because you perceive them to have come from ‘Trusted Source’ which implies there’s an inherent warmth there’ This. in turn, implies there are less skepticism and more warmth because of that.
People who believe they will succeed at online marketing business from home are quite willing to demonstrate their level of interest with token 'subscription' or initial purchase. In so doing, they have, as some marketers suggest," made a micro-commitment"- they have voted 'Yes ' to  perhaps a  VSL or web-based  sales letter etc or other additional info,  All this is fine of course but you need to reach out to them and engage with them before their interest wanes

Guaranteed Paid Signups come from Massive amounts of Advertising run by the company - (Now Lifestyle).  
To understand how this system is proving to be so successful, let's consider the mindset of someone who knows nothing about your company or products etc. They saw something that said "want to make more money working from home - this is How you do it"  and  They watched the video and they say to themselves,"Yes- I like what I see" and they signup.

By participating in the Guaranteed Paid Signups program, You get to buy them! Fast followup is necessary because they're more than just 'healthy sceptics' but, that doesn't mean they won't suffer "buyers remorse" if you don't show interest and engage with them.

This isn't too different from what we've learned on social media and experienced salespeople will concur - a warm welcome and real connective communication is the secret is in the followup then leveraging that with others in your downline.
Whilst, in fact, they are still COLD leads, there's something different about them; they are curious and somewhat interested because of the .manner in which they've been harvested. There are other benefits too.

With warm prospects, typically,  4% would opt-out if there's no follow-up. With COLD Prospects it jumps to about 18% opt-outs.
The reason?- That's just the way it is!

So what can be done to improve this?

In a recent video, posted to his Fan Page, Joel Therein -CEO Now Lifestyle who dreamed up this revolutionary aspect of his business, explained that he spent much time, effort and money,  "Trying to find creative ways to make that cold traffic feel a lot warmer, a lot quicker!" Ideas included presenting prospects with videos and other things immediately after signup to ensure they stick around and we retain interest.

Joel went o to make another point about  Marketing: generally - "It's very expensive. But people who take massive action with the Guaranteed Signups get results! if you get just ONE key person the difference can be immense." - 

"But", He goes on to explain,"You can't treat all people who Pay to Join and Sign up, to have the same mindset, the same work ethic or same energy.! 97% of them don't have the same work ethic.!"

There's a BIG difference between Paid traffic that’s Cold and a Referral that comes via a trusted source.

Evidently, NLS members and management are realizing better higher upgrade rates results through the measures employed in the program.

For those that are buying Guaranteed Signups who experience "drop-outs" - (4%  say)  it has to be appreciated that's a common behavioral result with people in this market.

The Good News is, NLS is aiming to ramp up this process because the process shows that the System they employ plus quick follow-up is WORKING!

Apparently, No-one has ever done this before - it’s revolutionary! It sure looks like the system is only going to get better but, there will always be a limitation on the signups they can get.

However, even with the clear delight that 's evident with the result's from this process thus far, management makes it quite clear to members of the scheme, the  Guaranteed Signups process is not a strategy that will 'do your business for you! It's its a better way for you to obtain warmer leads from a cold market and.. if you follow up with them, soon after their sign up, chances are you'll get better upgrade rates than others who follow old methods.
Management further encourage members to perceive Guaranteed Signups as 'a better way to compliment your business - not to allow you to be lazy"
Clearly, it's considered that the more people members talk to of this type, ( i.e.within 6 degrees of separation)- the more likely those people will stick around longer and lead to a more This, plus the fact that people are seeing results with the product are the things that will keep customers from leaving and also have an influence of delivering, even more, prospects from trusted sources. through their recommendation.

The writer suggests from this that, the quicker you follow up the better it’s going to be.Some prospects will be warm and nice others will be not so. ..just be warm, energetic, transparent and honest!
 Recommendation? - "..just be warm, energetic, transparent and honest!" The quicker you can make that cold traffic feel warm in the heart the better the longevity of your business is more likely to be.

But You have to do your part which is - follow-up within 24 hours. Already, huge growth in the business has been noticed this week and, with the introduction of the protein and other supplements, very soon, expectations are this will see rocket to phenomenal results.

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