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A 50% Failure Rate Is NOT Acceptable-True Story
Published 03-01-2018

A 50% Failure Rate Is NOT Acceptable-True Story


Hi [fname]


True Story:


I was reading emails today sent by our Profit From Free Ads Members
I do that often. I like to see what people are offering


Today I opened 4 emails one after the other just randomly.
I was in Firefox and I use McAfee on my computer.
Keep this in mind as you read this.


As I was saying...


I opened 4 emails. Here is what I saw.



Username nhmjoe sent out the following subject line;

Jane, These Guys Are Giving A Billion Dollars

Nice Subject Line.
I clicked on the Earn Credits Link.
Oh No! It took me to this page


I got these messages.
Some files are missing. Then I got a java script error
and then I got one of those Big Red Risky messages.


Joeseph should have used Itsy Linx.


What's an Itsy Link Find out Here:



Next I clicked on a subject line that said:

Over 1300 members in Just 4 days
Username cyclist sent this out using an Itsy Link


No problems at All. Leo used an Itsy link
Bravo Leo ! You Itsyed It.


Where can you find an Itsy Link?
Right here:



Next up came this subject line

Yep, this is crazy value and super cool

And this Itsy Link


Maureen Itsyed It. And everything was super cool.
No Problems at all But...



Edward Did Not use an Itsy Link

He sent out an email with this subject line:

Jane Do you want to make $150 a day?


The link was


OOPS! When I clicked on the link I got a Big Red Risky sign

Edward should have itsyed it.




Out of 4 emails  that I read this morning with 4 links 50% of them had some
sort of Whoops! problem on them due to false Risky notices or java script


That happens a lot especially in Firefox.


It is so easy to avoid that.
Just Itsy Your Links and use them instead


It takes about 3 seconds to create an Itsy Link
No Experience Needed.


You are losing sign ups and sales.


Instead of doing that Itsy Your links today right here:

go get um


Jane Mark
Itsy Linx
JAM Marketing Inc


PS: Itsy Founder Discount on the sales page will
disappear soon.

Read what you get with the founder offer on the
main sales page bottom and grab it before Sunday.




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