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Think Outside the Box And Make More Money
Published 06-01-2018

Think Outside the Box And Make More Money

Hi [fname]

When you follow the crowd and do the same thing
over and over and over again-What Happnes?

You can become stale and you may very well see
your bank account shrink.

It's kind of like when you walk into your kitchen
one day and say OMG, this stuff is really out of date.

Time for a change.
Time to think outside the box.

On Monday we will reveal a box that we have
been working on.

It goes from very very small to Very BIG overnight.

I call it a magic trick to grow your profits.

All you need to do is to join our new site
called Front Pagae Mail

Upgrade to one of the 4 membership upgrades.
When you upgrade...

We give you money in your account to buy keywords

Buy some keywords

Look around the site.
Use the 2 very unique mailers.

Invite people in under you and then...

Sit back, Relax and watch what happens on Monday.

Sign up under my link today and I will put
100,000 Free Advertising Credits into your
account. (Value $500.00)

Watch for the special upgrades as you sign up.

Time to Think Outside the Box
When you do You will Make More Money

go get um
Jane ( The Outside box thinker:)

Jane Mark
Front Page Mail
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Think Bigger

If you can swing it go for the founder level
at Front Page Mail.

We give you 500 buying tokens and put them
right into your account. That gives you
back 500 bucks right out of the starting gate.

Founder will give the highest exposure day after day
after day and that's all I can say about the Big Idea
right now.

The Big Idea Arrives on Monday
Get set up today.




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