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Published 05-29-2017

Hello.  Well, in this blog post I would like to share with you some important facts about the words that we use in our online content, offline marketing and just in general conversation with people.

It seems that the MTV generation has taken over our entire society.  Gone are the days of long, drawn out sentences with 15 character words to describe what we are trying to say.

When this all started doesn't seem to matter.  You can just credit the wildfire spreading of texting with the reality of today's short conversations.  Twitter only allows 140 characters for a reason.

And you've seen these little acronyms: LOL, LMAO, IMHO, WTF, etc. These now replace the old commonplace understood words that previously flavored our conversations. Those days are gone. If you can say with four or five words what used to take 10 you are going places in today's  literary jungle.

The inspiration for this blog came from Dr. Frank Lutz's book, "Words That Work."  He stresses that "it's not what you say, but what people hear that matters." So true!

So, I won't bore you with much more elaboration (remember, short, concise, TTP--to the point--language.

The finer points of Dr. Lutz's book are condensed into these 10 rules of effective language.

Rule 1. Simplicity.  Use small words.  Rule 2. Brevity.  Use short sentences. Rule 3.  Credibility is as important as philosophy. 

Rule 4. Consistency matters.  Rule 5. Novelty.  Offer something new.  Rule 6. Sound and texture matter.  Rule 7. Speak aspirationally.

Rule 8.  Visualize.  Rule 9.  Ask a question.  Rule 10.  Provide context and explain relevance.

There you go.  I won't go into detail, because, well this is a blog.  And in keeping with the subject, I have attempted to keep it as brief as possible.

Get the book!  It is well worth reading.

Hello. I have learned much in my nearly 10 years online. I have built websites, done affiliate and email marketing, published online articles, joined safelists, bought and sold traffic and one thing I know for sure is that you never stop learning! So, welcome to my blog. I encourage you to respond to my post's and give me whatever constructive criticism you feel I am due. I not only look forward to learning some new way to market my business but how to connect and help you with your business.
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