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Punts And Blocks-Jane's Sunday Super Bowl Sermon
Published 02-04-2018

Punts And Blocks-Jane's Sunday Super Bowl Sermon


If you are a Patriot fan you will want to read this all the way  to the PS at the Bottom of the email and make yourself a winner today.

If you have an Eagle Eye then you will find the rainbow at the end of this Super Bowl Sermon.

And I hope you get a few laughs  along the way!

Punts and Blocks.

I Don't Know My Punts From My Blocks And...

If you give me a quarter back I will think it is 25 cents and thank you for it.

If I was a receiver, I would also like to be a giver.

When I am holding, I would like it to be a lover.

I like my catches to be fair always.

I wouldn't like to be first down as they can often land on the bottom of the pile.

Personal fouls leave me cold.

I like to play the clock but only if I can stay ahead of it.

I can either dress in a sack or end up in one or use it in a relay race.

I like to spike things but preferably with Vodka.

My wild cards come with a full house and I hate turning over anything to anyone.

I wouldn't want to be on anyone's offending team but I certainly wouldn't want to be offside.

I don't ever bump and run. Seems rude to me.

I love controlling the game clock but that usually has to do with a new site I am launching.

When I am angry, I feel like placing a kick but usually my better angels stay in control.

My winning percentage of picking the right super bowl is lower than zero.

I love tackling something but usually that's a challenging business opportunity.

Today I would like to be a Patriotic as that might get me in the game but since I don't know my punts from my blocks, I think I will spend time over at OOT where I can play games and actually win something.

I will be spending today  yacking it up with other folks who may not know  their chips from their salsa.

I do like to root for the underdog so today I will be cheering the Eagles on.  I might lose my third and long (whatever that is) but hey it will be fun.

I remember the day when

 A touch back was a back rub.
 A blackout dealt with electricity.
 Beat meant you were tired.
 Out of bounds sent you to the principal’s office.
 Reading the Defense Was for Lawyers.
 Cut back meant less Dessert.
 Backs were things that ached.

And touch downs happened after astronauts flew back from the moon.

If you would rather be anywhere than at the Super Bowl today then Join me over  at Oodles of Traffic where Everyone is a Winner Every day.


Go get um


Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc


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